Duration: 53:11

Kelsey Bratcher interviews Chris Gaudreau from the Funnel Architects Network. Chris runs a popular Facebook group called “Funnel Architects Network that is dedicated to helping marketing agencies and professionals monetize the process of mapping funnels as a service. Chris shares his experience with online marketing, specifically focusing on diagraming and planning automation in funnels. Chris also shares secret processes that he uses in his agency to fulfill on funnel and funnel related services.

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Pro Tip: C.L.E.A.R – Creatively Leverage Existing Assets for ROI
2 Ways to develop a process…

1. Man hours
2. Automation

Take the processes that are easy, that might not require human input. Look for data entry, moving files and data, and creating documents.

Links from show:

Join Funnel Architects Network – AWESOME resources for funnel visualization, diagraming, and planning.

Lead Pages – Just another landing page builder, used to be pretty good… now, not so much.

Drip – Competitive Marketing Automation Tool alternative to Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft – Kelsey’s bread and butter small business automation tool.

Zapier – King of King’s Automation Tool for small business.

Trello – This is a cool “Kanban” like tool for managing the shit you have to do. (This is a referral link that gives me free time if you sign up)

Funnel Flows Software – New tool mentioned by Chris on the podcast. Makes mapping funnels and staying organized easier.