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Episode 11 delivers on the message that time saved is equal to opportunity gained. Cliff Worley Co-Founder of BitBot.ai and
Automate First drops in for an interesting discussion. Cliff shares his experiences working with Daymond John of “Shark Tank” and what operating at that level has taught him. Kelsey and Cliff also solve a major problem for the restaurant industry using automation. If you want to learn more then check out this weeks episode of the Get Automated Podcast with your host Kelsey Bratcher.

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Pro Tips

When someone does not buy instantly, why not capture their
information. Nurture them over time to find out what they want and
then be able to develop that relationship. Then they will trust you
enough to buy. Cliff Worley

Their one page check out…does not seem like much…Its a reason to
use Teachable for your paid content. – Kelsey Bratcher


I do that with every single person I meet. It’s like how can I help
you…now I have all these relationships that I can partner with. –
Cliff Worley

The other thing in dating its tough. I have my automation running all
the time, and these girls I have been seeing are like “Why did you
like that photo at 4 am”. I am like ” I was sleeping, but my robot
was not”. – Cliff Worley

Save time, make opportunities. – Cliff Worley

I ran this automation for 1 year and I now have 32,000 followers – Cliff Worley

I don’t pay attention to my Facebook Messenger like I should…had I
not set up the bot…I would not have had some of the business
interactions that I have had…there are messages in my queue that I
did not put there. It has to be the bot – Kelsey Bratcher


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Bit Bot . AI
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The Chatbot Lab

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