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Another week, another great episode of the Get Automated Podcast. This week for Episode 18 your favorite automation guru Kelsey Bratcher is joined by PicSnippets founder Corey Thomas. These guys are both veterans in regards to marketing automation and small business automation. Listening to them riff about automation solutions is like listening to a couple jazz legends having a jam session. You are not gonna want to miss downloading this weeks episode. Learn how PicSnippets can transform how you interact with your leads and clients. Get a peak behind the scenes how a of a couple of the automation industries brightest would approach several common hurdles
that can be found in just about any business. What are you waiting for…start listening now.

Check out Corey’s company PicSnippets, this tool is sick and allows you to deeply personalize messages across your automation.

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Learning how to kind of sort through what are requirements and what are nice to haves. What are the boundaries of what we can actually do versus what are the boundaries of what’s feasible.
-Corey Thomas

I think people get frustrated they blame tools or they blame costs or they playing whatever but I think a lot of times it’s they just don’t know what they want to have happen. Being very clear about what you want to have happen, however you do that if you want to go on Draw.io and do a diagram where you want to get a napkin and you want to sketch it out but having something documented for “this is the process” it’s really easy to go make something when you know what it is. But when
you’re still trying to figure out what it is while you’re making it, it’s pretty hard.
-Corey Thomas

Yeah, you get creative it lets you think outside the box in a lot of ways about how your business works or how process will work for certain things.
-Kelsey Bratcher

You you got to just play around stuff, but there’s there’s a time for knowing when am I going to play around with stuff and trying to get something live? Yeah, but there’s a ton of creativity that will happen when you are just checking out a tool or you’re signing up for somebody else’s list to kind of see how they do things or just looking at other businesses. They are the two sides of the same coin of structure and creativity.
-Corey Thomas


Many of you have probably seen that image of Frank Kern, you know in front of a whiteboard that says, you know marketing blueprint for then, you know merges in your first name. So that was actually the very first PicSnippet ever done.
-Corey Thomas

I think as we get further and further along in terms of tools and Technology. It’s not going to be about who can you know build the best funnel as much as it’s going to be more about who can create the best experience for people.
-Corey Thomas

If you are kind of a just a small business person, you know, or you want to grow your own thing and you’re new to the automation game and you’re thinking about hiring somebody hey them what they’re worth. Don’t nickel and dime them. “oh, you’re only going to spend a few hours on this” Understand the value that this is going to provide for your business. If you’re not if you’re not clear enough on it, then don’t hire somebody or go hire somebody who can help you clear on what you can do, but but don’t be afraid to pay people with they are worthto help you completely create a digital automated business.
-Corey Thomas

We just uh launched integration with ManyChat. So if you use ManyChat to do Facebook Messenger Bots, then you can use a PicSnippet and that’s part of your communications within part of your bot . You can do a random image or pre-designed pictures and enhance the experience for that person. Also, have access those fields within Facebook like their name or gender type as well as any custom data that you’re capturing through that messenger conversation and you can merge into that that picture.
-Corey Thomas

Our goal is to be as compatible and an easy to use on as many platforms as possible.
-Corey Thomas

I think some people who are successful as entrepreneurs are because they are too oblivious to have self-doubt.
-Corey Thomas

We had kind of gotten away from there, you know an old day is there were emails used to be mostly images, but then you know with the spam kind of filtering and people were using images to kind of get around, you know, reading text, and so that’s how they were able a lot of spam emails. So then the pendulum swung too far the other way where it’s like people weren’t using images and emails at all. Now Google does a lot in terms of caching on their end and providers are starting to kind of balance the pendulum out. So it’s become easier to have moderate images in emails and actually be able to kind of make them, you know, actually enjoyable to look at verses just, you know, big wall of text. So it’s been it’s kind of see that the technology and even just from the marketing perspective the the kind of cycle that we’ve gone through in terms of people using emails as marketing tools.
-Corey Thomas

Yeah, you don’t know everything but you know some things and those things that you know are helpful to people. So just go do that like go be helpful to people with the things you do know and remember that you don’t know everything and so you can continue to learn you know, and know what you don’t know.
-Corey Thomas

Two days after they signed up they would get an email from the sales rep that said “welcome to the family” in the subject line and then the email would say “Hey, we just wanted to say, we’re super glad that you’re on board and we can’t wait to continue to work together moving forward anyone have that PicSnippet from the team. We started getting about about 70 to 75% reply rate on the email not not an open rate or click through but a reply rate.
-Corey Thomas

The other part is I think people like to bounce around tools, you’ll spend more of your time transitioning stuff and doing stuff. Pick a tool and even if it’s not the best one it’ll do 90% of what you needed to do and that’s not what’s going to prevent you from going live, making money, and growing your business.
-Corey Thomas

Yeah, that kind of that unlimited whatever you can think of you could probably do in terms of what data do I want an image. Not just always going to merge in their first name into some random picture to try to get them to think that it’s going to be personal. But being able to do things like the letters and packages and white boards and multiple points of data to make it look and feel much more personalized much more like any other conversation instead of it just being a first name thrown on to something random.
-Corey Thomas

Getting in there getting your hands dirty establishing something that you can then build off of later.
-Kelsey Bratcher





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