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We are 20 episodes deep and this one is a home run thanks to Dina Lynch Eisenberg with Outsource Easier. Dina brought something special to the 20th episode with her wonderful charm and extensive knowledge of outsourcing and automation. The Get Automated Podcast is always improving from week to week, but this one moved the bar way up. Not only is it a great follow up to last week’s episode. Keeping the theme of the legal industry. Really, the topics discussed can be applied to all small business types. But the information shared really has the power to transform your life. You have to do something with it. Downloading the episode would be a great start. Kelsey Bratcher and Dina cover, using video as a great way to indoctrinate your leads and clients. Dina has some great tips on how to ease into using video for your business. They also dive into how you need to delegate the proper tasks to the proper staff or experts so you can spend your time growing your business. Not just surviving in your business. Dina shares her personal experiences to teach us that tragedy can strike and everything can get turned upside down in the blink of eye. You need these processes in place today, not for if, but when that tragic moment happens. Dina then flexes her outsourcing muscles and teaches us how to become a instant expert using Upwork and Fiverr for your outsourcing needs. Want to learn how to step up and become a leader in your business today. Download this week’s episode and find out how. Also, a sincere thank you to Dina for making our 20th episode one to remember.

Dina Eisenberg, JD, known as the Law Practice Accelerant, amentor who teaches the mindset and mechanics of delegation to solo and small firm lawyers who want to scale and design a law practice that fits the life they desire. Dina shares her knowledge and insights from hundreds of successful outsourcing transactions in her Delegation Guides and Outsourcing courses at http://OutsourceEasier.com

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Pro Tips

Those are the things you have to consider when you’re looking at clients…and a great way to screen if you will…kind of think of like the Walmart greeter. Yeah, the door is like yeah, everybody can come in…maybe not so much you. You want to know that and have the right people say yes. You can do that through automation. You can do that for your copy. You can do that for your lead magnet that attracts them people and you want and repel others.
-Dina Lynch Eisenberg

My protip is there’s not going to be a bat-signal in the sky that says “Start Outsourcing”. What you should do is if you’re listening to this podcast, and it seems interesting. Try one small project.
-Dina Lynch Eisenberg

It’s such a great vehicle. I wish more lawyers were actually take up doing video.
-Dina Lynch Eisenberg

Try a couple of different tools find the ones that actually work the way you work instead of trying to force yourself to work the way the tool works. Realize that that’s going to take a little bit of an investment. But when you find the right tool, then you should dive deep, learn the tool completely, so you can get the maximum benefits from it.
-Dina Lynch Eisenberg


Don’t waste your energy, and your talent, and your desire doing low-level work. Outsourcing is really there for you. It gives you the talent, and the energy, and the freedom to think really big thoughts. Because you don’t have to worry about how’s that going to get done? You just have to think about who’s going to do that for me?
-Dina Lynch Eisenberg

That’s gonna resonate with somebody who’s going to take your low end offer not gonna be thing that resonates with someone who’s going to take your legal services in the most conventional way. [High Ticket Offer]
-Dina Lynch Eisenberg

There’s like crazy pants stats. So 75% of lawyers will say that marketing is significantly challenging for them. Want to guess how or percentage of folks are doing something about that? Yeah, very low. Almost like 71% of those folks are doing nothing, nada, not changing a thing.
-Dina Lynch Eisenberg

Well, you know you remind me now that kind of… I didn’t realize I was doing this, but I guess I am so now when I look at new tools, the second thing I look at is whether or not there’s a Zapier integration.
-Dina Lynch Eisenberg

I do the same thing. I don’t even use software that doesn’t work with Zapier.
-Kelsey Bratcher

You’re not gonna be indebted to it when it doesn’t work, or you can’t afford it you just stop it.
-Dina Lynch Eisenberg

We’re at that fluxion point you can’t practice law the same way anymore. Clients have figured it out. It used to be that law was a seller’s market.
-Dina Lynch Eisenberg

And now you skip that large part of the intake and convincing someone that you’re the right legal expert. They’re already at, “Okay, let’s go, what do I got to do?”
-Dina Lynch Eisenberg

Earlier in my business going on vacation was uh, the idea of it stressed me out to no end because I would be worried about my
reputation. I’d be worried about not being able to get back, to somebody or not being able to fix something that’s an emergency.
-Kelsey Bratcher

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