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Another week, another great episode of the Get Automated Podcast. This week for Episode 41 your favorite automation guru Kelsey Bratcher is joined by Shane O’Dazier Founder of The Restoration Contractor. They discuss automation from an unconventional view and how you can leverage current tech to automate your own security system, or manage your inventory, or take control of your fleet vehicles. Do you pay vendors or contractors? Learn how to use automation to take care of that. Learn how Shane has taken Airtable and a few other tools and constructed a custom operating system for his business. Find out why you should look into ProcessPlan and how you can use it in your business. They also dig into why you need to be an expert in your niche and how being authentic will always win in the long run. Plus much more.

The best way to find more about Shane O’Dazier go to or you can check out The Restoration Contractor

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Pro Tips

There’s a lot of people that get hung up on quote-unquote the best tools. But I’ve been saying that if you can’t go deep with something then it doesn’t matter what tool you’re using
– Kelsey Bratcher

Top-tier marketing involves a lot of disqualifiers.
– Kelsey Bratcher


ProcessPlan could fit into your into any tech stack, which is super appealing, is because you can pass data into it from anywhere.
– Kelsey Bratcher

They’re not even good in the field they’re in. This is his wheelhouse and he screwed it up. Why because people suck at their job and they don’t care.
– Shane O’Dazier

That’s the cool thing about automation, the creativity, the application of it. It gives you one little idea right and it can change a lot of the other things you do.
– Shane O’Dazier

Good marketing makes companies that suck fail faster.
– Shane O’Dazier

So how cool is that that I do stuff in software that is 3 software’s away? And not only do I not go to QuickBooks. I don’t go to Airtable or Zapier. You do in ProcessPlan that goes to Zapier, to Airtable, and then to QuickBooks.
– Shane O’Dazier

You don’t have to have something huge. Something simple like Airtable can fix some million-dollar problems. Really…like big time.
– Shane O’Dazier

We’re fixing problems that will fix problem forever because it’s a code. It’ll just do it and so that’s really where it’s impressive in my views.
– Shane O’Dazier


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