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We are dropping Episode 44 of The Get Automated Podcast this week. Kelsey Bratcher is joined once again by David Zisner CEO & Chief Automation Architect of LeAndolini.
This week learn why you need access to a powerful database and why Airtable is the perfect solution. Plus how would you plan automation around database tool. Kelsey and David also discuss the methods that they use when evaluate software solutions.

Learn how to design your processes to efficient and discover that you probably don’t need all the steps you think you do. Do you have employees or going to hire some? We cover how to leverage automation for a “Hiring Pipeline”.

All this and more this week on the Get Automated Podcast. Download and listen so you don’t miss out on this awesome 2 hour long episode.

The best way to find more about David Zisner go to https://il.linkedin.com/in/david-zisner-8945684 or you can check out LeAndolini http://leandolini.com/

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Pro Tips

I always tell people just forget about the tools forget about forget about apps. What do you want done? Just mark it out. Just write it like a flow chart on a page, write it out in text whatever works for you. But what do you want done? Then try to figure out how to get it done.
– David Zisner

Clients want to just make it all run automatically, but a lot of times you look at the processes and we’re saying “This and this. The things that you are you doing there. They’re not really important. They’re not necessary. So inseatd of automating them, let’s remove them altogether.”
– David Zisner


But I never thought I would fall in love with with a database app. You know, I’ve never understood databases. Google Sheets was more than enough for me, but we are really doing crazy crazy stuff with Airtable.
– David Zisner

The revolution that Zapier started is, that API integration existed ever since apis existed many, many years ago. But, it really made it accessible to everyone.
– David Zisner

I really start the tour for the tool exploration process from first of all from some sort of need, but I do look at the Zapier app directory.
– David Zisner

I have to have the Integrity to say to a client this is not what you need. You need something else and that’s something else may even be something that I will not be able to provide to you.
– David Zisner

Automation allows them to know that everything is working well until they get an activity to handle something, and you really are even on a psychological level more available to deal with or important stuff.
– David Zisner


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