Chris Greene

Duration: 01:46:22

Episode 49 of the Get Automated Podcast your favorite host Kelsey Bratcher is joined by Chris Greene president of The Flood Insurance Guru. In this episode we find out if you can be more personal with automation? We also explore setting up tools for your sales staff and why is it sometime difficult to get them to adopt new software. We dive into Twilio Studio for ultra-custom SMS messaging and learn about VOIP software phone solutions. Plus get the rundown on the Zoho software suite and much more. Grab this week’s episode now.

The best way to find more about Chris Greene go to or you can check out Flood Insurance Guru

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Pro Tips

This is where most people run into the problem. You don’t have the right processes. Write out your processes come up with the goals for each process.
– Chris Greene

So you’re asking all these questions, but what are you doing with the answers? And I said that’s data that you’re being given. You can take that data create an experience for a customer that super unique to them. They’re giving you the data. You’re just not do anything with it.
– Chris Greene


They can just focus on doing four things, not forty things. Do those four things well, and let’s use automation to pick up the rest.
– Chris Greene

Using task completion automation to help hold employees and customers responsible, creating a better experience for them. Absolutely enhancing the personal relationship with your customers using automation.
– Chris Greene

During a hurricane in order to make sure all of our customers were safe we used keyword texting and so we had about a hundred twenty customers at the beginning and by the time they get down to the end of the process. We had 120 customers that we knew were safe.
– Chris Greene

It’s the hardest user to build an application for is the sales user.
– Kelsey Bratcher

We even got tired of customers not confirming if they closed on their new house. So we took the customer out of the process. What we did is we went back to those links and we built in the mortgage company’s processor. So the processor gets the email to confirm if the customer closes, which is updated on the contact record instead of having to reach out to the customer.
– Chris Greene


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