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Episode 53 goes international again, this time we take a hop across the pond to the UK. Kelsey Bratcher is joined by Ian Naylor Serial Entrepreneur with Hyperise. Listen as they discuss the importance of marketing personalization. Nothing is better at improving open rates and click through rates than personalized content. Kelsey and Ian go way beyond just adding someone’s name to a marketing email. Grab your copy of The Get Automated Podcast and level up your marketing game.

The best way to find more about Ian Naylor go to https://www.linkedin.com/in/iannaylor1/ or you can check out Hyperise https://hyperise.com/

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Pro Tips

Hubspot did a recent survey where it was over 330,000 web transactions and there was a 202% uplift in success when the call to action included personalization. Or hyper personalization in terms of imagery or of something that resonated with the prospect.
– Ian Naylor

Where it comes into its own with a B2B is that data is out there to be enriched because mostly businesses want to be found and so their their data is already kind of available online.
– Ian Naylor

And it just doesn’t really matter to be honest, whether it is, Infusionsoft or Zoho or Intercom these days. Because the glue, now is tools like Zapier and Google Sheets. They’re well supported because there’s a mainstay. Once you’ve got that element in there, that cloud-based element, world’s your oyster in terms of what you can do.
– Ian Naylor


A normal person won’t do that. The other thing is you have to bring your own data to do that. Meaning you have to have all the variables. You have to have ownership of those to some extent. I think where Hyperise is very different. Is that a very small piece of data can be provided like an email address and a front for and from there you’re not only taking that information to personalize the images, but you’re also able to enrich that data.
– Kelsey Bratcher

Some pretty cool tech to have really pushing the boundaries of my MySQL back then, you know having tens of millions of products in their records and all of that.
– Ian Naylor

We used dynamic images to show what an app might look to somebody, you know before they bought it, laying in their logo etc.
– Ian Naylor

I think you get to a nexus point where technology becomes an enabler and it’s quick enough that you can do things that seem like magic.
– Ian Naylor

Oh, It’s super fancy
– Kelsey Bratcher


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