Josh Satterlee

This week on the Get Automated Podcast Kelsey Bratcher talks with Josh Satterlee Owner of Clinic Gym Hybrid Solutions. Episode 56 covers; automation of cloud printing, when to use Airtable over Google Sheets and why, and we touch on why documenting your process is important. All this plus much more so grab your copy today.

The best way to find more about Josh Satterlee go to or you can check out Clinic Gym Hybrid Solutions

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Pro Tips

You can use a URL shortener inside of Zapier to create a short URL. It’s really packed their contact ID, maybe UTM values and different things like that.
– Kelsey Bratcher

You can either use it with Google Docs or Google Slides. Google Slides because you can set up a slide deck with one slide in it. That is your template using these merge tokens with curly braces.
– Kelsey Bratcher


The research says just be consistent and you’ll be great.
– Josh Satterlee

So that way, one it creates recurring revenue, two it creates a community talking about and I’d imagine, three that it also creates a situation in which you can nurture these folks for referrals and all kinds of other benefits.
– Kelsey Bratcher

If you don’t have the paid version of G Suite anymore. You can’t create a template in Google Docs.
– Josh Satterlee

We’re talking about doing that process and now that process will only take the click of a button.
– Josh Satterlee


Google Docs
Google Sheets
Google Cloud Print
Google Slides
Process ST

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