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Another week, another great episode of the Get Automated Podcast. This week for Episode 58 your favorite automation guru Kelsey Bratcher is joined by Jesse Wood CEO of eFileCabinet. Learn why you need to invest in your processes and a means of managing those processes. Then add in a software platform that will allow you to integrate those processes into a deep document management system. Think of all the time and resources that would free up in your business. Well, that is exactly what Kelsey and Jesse cover in Episode 58. Grab your copy now.

The best way to find more about Jesse Wood go to or you can check out eFileCabinet

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Pro Tips

I kind of geek out about the way that we can break down that process and do that. But if you don’t do that, you’re going to miss something and we find that when we work with customers all the time that they think they understand their process, but that’s not always the case.
– Jesse Wood

There’s no difference in what a business experiences today when you get into a business and it grows. The moment it starts growing you have to have people that is overhead. You’ve got to have people that start taking care of the business side of things for in order for your business to run smoothly.
– Jesse Wood


You’ve already mentioned the dashboarding element of being able to see what user is responsible for, moving along certain processes or documents. You know someone that is slower or faster in doing so it whether it is you just having visibility into what that looks like so you can understand. This person is a little bit slower, but their error rate is is lower or whatever. You can balance those types of things out by implement reporting dashboards into all kinds of aspects of your business.
– Kelsey Bratcher

In our system is a completely automated environment where we Encompass tools such as workflow and intelligent organization automated file routing. All of those kinds of things to really bring productivity and value to businesses and organizations that are becoming more and more inundated with paperwork and the challenges that that brings to their business
– Jesse Wood

Working with our team we help you break it down into just processes are and then we help you be able to repeat those processes.
– Jesse Wood

A lot of the folks that have have had success that I’ve encountered come from an engineering background where they’re doing things like you mentioned
– Kelsey Bratcher

The processes that I’ve helped people build, you have some limitations. A lot of it has to do with the contents of files.
– Kelsey Bratcher

With eFileCabinet, we focus very heavily on helping people reimagine the way that they work so they can get back to the work that actually matters in their business.
– Jesse Wood

I had no idea that there was software like this that existed. I mean, I knew that they had to exist but I’d imagine that it would be the only for extremely large enterprise sized businesses.
– Kelsey Bratcher



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