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We are 61 episodes deep and this one is a home run thanks to Joseph Valenti Founder of Brokr Bindr & Scott Tomlinson Demand Generation Framework Strategist of Grovation Acquisition Services. Kelsey sits down with these two and they dig deep into Sales versus Marketing and one impacts the other. How do you make sure you are give attribution to the proper marketing channel when a sale is made? How do you get that data? What if your current tech stack can’t do something you want? How do you get honest reviews for tools that will be a mission crtitical part of your business? Grab the latest episode of the Get Automated Podcast today and find out, plus much more.

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So I’m a very strong component of end-to-end data management connecting marketing data with sales customer Revenue data, and it’s surprisingly simple.
– Joseph Valenti & Scott Tomlinson

It’s a Fool’s errand to try to go down that path in my opinion.
– Kelsey Bratcher


It’s way faster and easier to get a return on your investment by going into a specialized type of product. Especially one that is open.
– Kelsey Bratcher

I want something to do all those things that frankly my CRM doesn’t do, as they relate specifically to the application because crms don’t do that. The CRM is just not designed to. It’s not just a question of having Custom Fields. There’s a process to it that you really want to be able to automate.
– Joseph Valenti & Scott Tomlinson

The whole thing was going to get done in three months. Great and then month six, they’re still spending who knows how many tens of thousands a month on the guy and gosh not only is it not done. It’s not look like it’s ever going to be done. He’s just not getting it and the tool just isn’t built for this like it just doesn’t do what we need to do.
– Joseph Valenti & Scott Tomlinson

So a lot of these Facebook marketers are not effective at measuring what happens once the lead is generated
– Kelsey Bratcher

As you know, Kelsey, automation can’t fix a shitty process. It’s just going to amplify it.
– Joseph Valenti & Scott Tomlinson


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