Duration: 02:17:25

Kelsey Bratcher chats with small business automation expert Alex Bass. Alex Bass is a ProsperWorks and Zapier expert who has done quite a bit of cool stuff. We discussed various topics ranging from workflow and data to some new cool tools Alex has been using.

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I believe for a small business, in the next five to ten years the kind of data that you will need to be competitive will start before you have someones name. It’s gonna start when someone clicks on an ad and that brings over UTM data. – Kelsey Bratcher

Don’t do a password. Do a pass-phrase. Like “Dog Catching Ball”…then you can envision this scenario, not dog13672!. Just…a pass-phrase…a weird scenario”Dragon Eating Goat”, you just imagine this stupid thing, it’s stupid but now you have a super secure password that’s easy to remember. – Alex Bass

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