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Episode 12 goes international with a deep dive into the mind of Zapier heavy user David Zisner. Who is the owner of LeAndolini, a software and systems company that specialize in development of automation setups. Kelsey Bratcher interviews David about several different topics including, automation in other countries, webinars, Facebook chat bots, landing pages, and more. Listen to this weeks episode to learn how to take your automation to the next level. Even if you don’t have an automation in place there are several tips to get you off the ground. Download Episode 12 of the Get Automated Podcast to find out how.

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Pro Tips

By using automation you are eliminating extra steps, you are really eliminating resistance to get to the outcome you want to provide. Your are smoothing out the process removing speed bumps and you are able to directly see those results.
– Kelsey Bratcher

It’s important to stop and ask – 1. What are we trying to do here? 2. What if something goes wrong? 3.More importantly, what if everything goes the way its supposed to? Are you ready to handle that?
– David Zisner


They needed the automation most of all because they are small business
owners, and…every lead counts. Every part of the process counts. –
David Zisner

I built a messenger bot for one of my clients to get video testimonials. You can easily send video through messenger…It’s super easy to have them reply with the camera on their phone to get the testimonial. I don’t think there is an easier way to send non text media to a service than that.
– Kelsey Bratcher

Put out good stuff and people will read it.
– David Zisner

A golden rule that I try and teach people is “Whenever you are doing something for the second time, you need to start thinking about how to automate it.” There is no sense doing something over and over when you can invest the time and build the automation for it.
– David Zisner

The only way to give a good customer experience, every day every hour is with automation.
– David Zisner




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