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This week on the Get Automated Podcast, Kelsey Bratcher talks with UpLaunch Founder Matt Verlaque. Matt talks about the developer side of marketing automation and what his platform can offer people in the industry. Since Matt practices what he preaches there are a number of helpful gems scattered through out this episode.  Download and listen to episode “13” and maybe you will be lucky enough to uncover what you need to launch yourself towards your next goal.

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Pro Tips

Your version in your head of what you think people want is guaranteed to be different than what people actually want.
-Matt Verlaque

Turn that shit off sometimes. Don’t be scared to turn your phone off, turn Slack off, go on do not disutrb and get your focus time in…Get
in the zone…There are tons of studies about this. The cognitive penalty that you pay for task switching is insane. -Matt Velaque


I want to make sure that the work I am doing has value…that it is contributing to something larger than just what I am doing.
-Kelsey Bratcher

The remote business…this is the direction things are happening in the future
-Kelsey Bratcher

If you own a business and you are not enabling your team to work remotely, you are going to get left in the dust…A Zoom call is not the same as being in a room with someone. But, it’s pretty damn close.
-Matt Verlaque

Zapier, these guys are literally changing the landscape of software in front of our eyes…Those dudes are changing the way software works today, right now.
-Matt Verlaque

I got swindled by a developer I hired…It’s never good when your developer says “I know we agreed to a payment schedule. But, I can’t pay my electric bill they are going to turn my power off, and if my power gets turned off I can’t code. So, I just need the payment sooner.” That’s only a massive red flag.
-Matt Verlaque


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