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Do you use your website to capture leads? Episode 14 focuses on what to do once someone comes to your site. Kelsey Bratcher is joined by Brad Smith who it the founder of AutomationLinks.com. They touch on email, text messages, online scheduling, and Kelsey then goes deep and teaches Brad how to hook up a live chat to Infusionsoft using Zapier.
Brad points out why following up with existing leads is important. Powerful information and who knows you might just improve your conversion rate. But, you gotta download it to find out it this will work for you.

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Pro Tips

My very first email when they come from the website is a question. I want that reply. I want to stay in that thread. -Brad Smith

Be punctual for all business opportunities call at the time you say you will call. Then follow up on time. The exact time that you schedule something with some one. Automation will make that possible and super easy to do. -Brad Smith


You are not automating stuff to eliminate people you are doing it to create a more meaningful interaction….if you are thoughtful in implementing this you are able to extend a relationship way beyond…just visiting a website. -Kelsey Bratcher

Just sending little personal emails…Neal Patel sends me an email once a week that looks like he wrote it from his gmail account. -Brad Smith

Use what you have. Don’t play the grass is greener game. -Kelsey Bratcher

Automate everything but keep it simple. -Brad Smith


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