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Episode 15 heads north into the vast Canadian wilderness. Kelsey Bratcher has a great conversation with Jillian Littlejohn the owner of Sparkle Solutions. Jillian brings a unique perspective to the Get Automated Podcast.  She has be exposed to both sides of the automation equation. She worked in a small business adapting automation to solve day to day problems and now works with other small businesses to automate their day to day problems.  Automation allows Jillian to build her consulting business while traveling around the world and working 100% remote.  This weeks episode goes deep into leveraging the power of Zapier’s web hooks by using a little known feature. Download Episode 15 and see how to shape your business so you to can have the time to travel the world while you grow your business.

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Pro Tips

Need a custom web hook solution in Zapier. Use the web hook step in your zap like the command line tool CURL. -Kelsey Bratcher

Be persistent. Ask for help when you need it. -Jillian Littlejohn


This seems to have become the Zapier Show. Everyone is using it. -Kelsey Bratcher

It might go over their heads. Or, maybe I am dumb and I don’t know what I am talking about. -Kelsey Bratcher

With every problem there is a solution, and every solution there is an opportunity to build on that. -Jillian Littlejohn

Zapier is way up there. Of Course. Usually when I am looking at a new solution or application I am checking their app directory to see if…it’s going to speak with everything else I am using.-Jillian Littlejohn

Use what you have. Don’t play the grass is greener game. -Kelsey Bratcher

Automate everything but keep it simple. -Brad Smith




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