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Another great new episode of The Get Automated Podcast. Kelsey Bratcher is joined by Roxanne Oates for Episode 16  Roxanne is the owner of Roxanne Oates Consulting. She started a virtual assistant business that she quickly saw the need to adapt and transform that into an automation consulting business. In order to step up her game she also became an Infusionsoft Certified Partner. Join in with two real top professionals discussing the best methods for starting or improving your business’s automation. Get insights for the best strategy and planning through to the quickest implementation and refinement of your automation goals.  Download this weeks episode to also learn several major quality of life hacks using GSuite with Zapier and get the lowdown on some of the best tools for running an online course or membership site.

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Pro Tips

Make sure that you have a good plan in place. Without a plan you can complete a task. But, a plan gives you understanding. Along with that ask questions and if you think something could be better, speak up. -Roxanne Oates

To kinda enforce your tip I will resurface this one….Understand what your reporting objectives are before you start building. The you know not only is it performing this task, but it also provides insight into that process. -Kelsey Bratcher


Saving an individual 10-15 hours a week is great. But, think about that savings across a team of people…That is were the systems, processes and the tools to support those process is really the critical thing. -Kelsey Bratcher

I provide strategy and implementation. I have found that is what most people are really searching for. -Roxanne Oates

They tell me like I am the one that misspelled that word or put the extra comma in. “Uh, this one has a typo.” Yeah, I copy and pasted what you provided. I am not gonna proof read your content on top of setting it up. What’s in there is on you…I don’t want to say that it’s beneath me, but it’s beneath me. -Kelsey Bratcher

There are bumps along the way. You just have to be able to adapt and get creative. -Roxanne Oates

Pipedrive…As far as an easy CRM, I don’t know if you could find easier. -Kelsey Bratcher


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