021 – Do You Suck At Automation With Wes Schaeffer

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This week get ready to get introspective. The Get Automated Podcast Episode 21 is all about you. Your favorite small business automation podcast host Kelsey Bratcher is joined by Wes Schaeffer. Wes is the Founder of Sales Whisperer. He is an expert salesman, a published author, and a small business owner. Wes has more than a few years under his belt closing deals in all types of industries. Kelsey and Wes will force you to look at: What are you doing to hold yourself and your business back from growing like it could? How do you break out of this and take steps to improve? Why is automation a good solution for some of these problems? Listen to the episode to find out. Plus, they layout a proven strategy for generating quality content that will get you noticed. You cannot afford to wait….Download this week’s episode now.

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Pro Tips

On the on the tool side, what I tell people is look at what you do two or three times a day, or four or five times a week and document it. Then figure out how to either automate it, or delegate it, or get rid of it if you can. But, if you’re doing it then I assume it’s important, but then does the necessarily have to be done by you.
-Wes Schaeffer

You know, look at something you do. That’s just grinding you down. That’s just redundant and if you can’t automate it then give it away.
-Wes Schaeffer

If you’re hurting for business, the problem is before the sale or it’s fulfilling and delivering a “Wow” experience after the sale. So one of
those two areas is where you’re really bleeding from the neck right now.
-Wes Schaeffer


It can help me grow my sales, without growing my staff.
-Wes Schaeffer

Yeah, people want to keep tinkering, you know. “Oh, well, I need this custom field or whatever” Good, go play…go make custom fields. Go make them to your heart’s content. Meanwhile, I’m gonna sell something.
-Wes Schaeffer

Whether you like it or not as an entrepreneur you are in sales at least in the beginning.
-Kelsey Bratcher

So, if you suck and that’s why they’re not doing business with you, then you got to change some things you got higher like a customer service expert and and go figure out how to clean house.
-Wes Schaeffer

Are you doing it for free? “Oh, no.” No? Oh…so you you sell them your time to support them? “Well, yeah” Okay, then sounds like you’re in sales.
-Wes Schaeffer

Historically there was a concern with this concept of automation or systems that you’re using to better serve people is that it’s removing the human element. But if carefully executed that you’re considering that the person on the other side. I mean the “LinkedIn Spammer” is not a person concerned with with the recipient of those messages.
-Kelsey Bratcher

I want to help people find the right platform for them. You know, not just the one that pays me. -Wes Schaeffer

What is that worth in from an employee standpoint? To have something working 24 hours a day 365 for 10 years straight.
-Wes Schaeffer





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