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This week we have Episode 22 of The Get Automated Podcast. Every small business owner knows that cash flow is the life of a small business. How can you improve that? Listen to Kelsey Bratcher and Sarah Schaaf CEO and Co-Founder of Headnote chat about invoicing, receivables and most importantly payments. Sarah is a former attorney who saw something that the legal industry need to have improved and that drove her create Headnote a better way for lawyers to invoice and collect payments. Headnote is focused on the legal industry but the ideas and advice in this episode apply to anyone with a business. This episode is all about getting you paid, and fast. Kelsey and Sarah discuss why making it easy to have your clients pay you is one of the best things you can improve or better yet automate for your business. Download this episode to find out about automating invoicing and payment reminders, using a dashboard to simplify tracking accounts receivable, and using a payment link for simple payment access. Plus a whole lot more, but you have to download it to find out.

The best way to find more about Sarah Schaaf and Headnote is to visit Headnote

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So if you came from a firm environment and you’re on your own now, you don’t have to do everything the way that they did it just because that’s how you learned. So this process of like it takes 30 to 45 days from when you finish the work to get the bill into the clients hands that’s not acceptable just because it’s the way that you’ve always done it.
– Sarah Schaaf

Make it make it easy for them to pay you. Make sure you’re offering them online payment from the start and put a payment page on your website. Every business should have a payment page on their website where your client could go. Whether they can find the invoice or they can remember the exact web address, they’ll remember your name, they’ll Google you.
– Sarah Schaaf

Make it easy for them to pay you by putting a payment button on your website, which is something that you know will do for our customers for free if they don’t like to actually change the code on their on their website the other website builder.
– Sarah Schaaf

One other thing take away from this discussion. The beginner needs to think about making it easy for someone to pay you, right? That is the huge take away, make it make it easy for people to pay you.
– Kelsey Bratcher

You don’t need to have your “Forever” system and place from day one. Grow into what you need.
– Sarah Schaaf


I think that there’s a lot of takeaways that like just any business could apply just listed off what you said. The first thing was building a dashboard for you to be able to easily access what receivables you have going on. Then the billing reminders in conjunction with outstanding payments. You know things go off the rails sometimes, credit cards declined things like that.
– Kelsey Bratcher

There’s so much data available now about how much faster payment takes place if you offer an online payment option. For instance on Headnote our average payment time right now is 4 days. The average from the time that you send that payment link until you get paid is 4 days. Everyday I see somebody new sign up and send out their first payment link. Then that payment link will get paid in minutes.
– Sarah Schaaf

If you’ve got a system you really like you shouldn’t have to change it in order to start getting paid online.
– Sarah Schaaf

You’re spending at least an hour if not multiple hours a week checking in on the status of the money that’s owed to you in addition to finding clients and performing the work that you have for existing clients.
– Sarah Schaaf

Who is gonna wait 5 to 10 seconds for a web page to load nowadays?
-Kelsey Bratcher






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