Episode 23 - Brett Farr

Duration: 01:33:31

Episode 23 of The Get Automated Podcast, Kelsey Bratcher is joined by another marketing gangster Brett Farr Founder of Blick Digital. Learn why Infusionsoft is behind the curve of other great tools and why Zoho is a do it all Automation Solution but should not be your first CRM or Automation Tool. Businesses looking to get into automation need to know what they want from the tools that will be used and the people implementing them. Know your Goals for your business before you automate. Plus, learn what not to do when first getting into automation. Also, is SMS the next big thing for marketing? Learn how to incorporate SMS best practices and some great tools to help you get the most out of texting your leads. There is so much more but you will have to download this week’s episode to find out.

The best way to find more about Brett Farr and Blick digital is to visit Blick Digital

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Pro Tips

Don’t over automate to begin with. I think that’s a big issue I run into.
-Brett Farr

You got to keep the focus on what is the main problem you’re trying to solve.
-Kelsey Bratcher


Kelsey, I hope you put some videos together. It’s just awesome what you’ve done with Zoho Creator and the automation capabilities. It keeps me up at night like thinking of all the possibilities of things that I couldn’t get to work in the past, but now with something like that you totally automate ton of stuff.
-Brett Farr

So that was the first time I was like, okay, I guess this Kelsey guy really knows what he’s talking about.
-Brett Farr

I’ll build your funnel for you, but I won’t write the content and I won’t get the traffic. If you can get traffic and you can create content, that’s the people that I work best with.
-Kelsey Bratcher

Testimonials right after you’re done working with somebody are cool, but they’re not as validating as six months from the road someone saying “I’ve grown my business by some insane amount because of the stuff that we did. The funnel that you built for me has been working endlessly since we’ve implemented it.” That’s the kind of feedback I like.
-Kelsey Bratcher

That’s basically what I feel like about Infusionsoft. It is my underperforming college student kid.
-Kelsey Bratcher



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