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This week on the The Get Automated Podcast we take a look at Pipedrive and how an it is helping make sales easy. Episode 26 Kelsey Bratcher is joined by Darek Chojnacki, who is an Insurance Broker and small business advocate. Darek owns Green Tree Insurance, LLC and leverages automation to secure policies for his clients. The power of automation also allows Darek to run a second business (both as a solopreneur) Business Runway, where he helps small business owners set up the core technical components to then be able to leverage things such as automation. Darek and Kelsey cover several topics including; manage a sales team, the future of sales, Facebook ads tips, and custom document generation. Also, learn about how you can protect your business with a new type of liability insurance, “Cyber-Liability Insurance”. All this and more this week. Download and listen now.

The best way to find more about Darek Chojnacki is go to  http://www.businessrunway.com/.

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Pro Tips

Every business owner should have their procedures written down.
– Darek Chojnacki

When someone gets started implementing these types of systems and processes, they need to have their processes defined. What they’re doing without automation. How do they how do they handle when a new lead comes in? How do they handle when a new customer signs up? How do they do those different parts of the business? Because unless you know how those work without Tech. How would you do it with Tech?
– Kelsey Bratcher


So to now have an insurance agency management system that has open API
is unheard of. They actually opened up Infusionsoft and Zapier within
the last two months. So no other agency management system has this.
– Darek Chojnacki

If I could go back in the future, I would say use a CRM from day one as soon as you start in sales. I started in sales in 2004-2005, if I had all the contact information for all those people forget about it. I would have such a big database.
– Darek Chojnacki

So in Pipedrive you can hook it up with Trello. So as soon as it reaches a certain point in the pipeline I call it “submitted”. As soon as the deal is in the submitted column it triggers something in Trello. Here’s a checklist of what I need to do next.
– Darek Chojnacki

I teach people the easy solutions because everybody thinks that they have to pay so much money to get something on their site. When in reality most people just need a landing page or very basic website.
– Darek Chojnacki

Automations are great. They’re used to make your job easier. What you present in front of your client. That’s more important than the back end stuff. If it makes your job easier to do all the things back end because the client doesn’t care how many automations you have. At the end of the day…Did you do your job? Did you deliver the promise that you gave to them? That’s the words of wisdom that I would follow.
– Darek Chojnacki


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