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Want to learn what you need in your new lean software stack? We have you covered in the newest episode of The Get Automated Podcast hosted by the baddest man in small business automation Kelsey Bratcher. Episode 27 Kelsey is joined by Jaime Nacach from Bloominari and Jamie brings some awesome ideas and information to the podcast. First we dive into how cheap you can start off a fully functional software stack and still have an automation powerhouse for your business. This is done thanks to an incredible infographic that Jaime has put together for his clients and was kind enough to share with all of us. Check it out here. Then we cover Agile CRM, and how that can in itself can be a solid choice for a foundation to your stack. Peek behind the curtain of what it is to be a software affiliate or partner. Learn more about the true power of Zapier and their new “Paths” feature. Which will allow you to now add logic and branching to your zaps. Powerful. Think you have the chops to label yourself an expert with Zapier? Find out and test yourself with the Zapier Experts Program. Plus lots more, but you have to get this week’s episode to find out what.

The best way to find more about Jaime Nacach go to http://bloominate.com and http://bloominari.com

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Pro Tips

Depending on your specific needs but I can tell you that you will save in terms of time on the long run at least between 20% to possibly 40% but at least 20%. Time Savings once you set it up, and only if follow best practices for how to use it. Because if you only set it up, but don’t maintain it or use it properly then you might actually be wasting more time than your saving. – Jaime Nacach

Once you figure out your processes and figure out where you can save time, then you can do research into looking into what application can help but I think it’s worth it because if you just jump into a tool and start using it at least in terms of keeping it in paying for it and you didn’t really test it enough or you didn’t do enough research. You might end up wasting again a lot of time. – Jaime Nacach

So it’s a great idea going to the support or knowledge base areas of each software. There you’re going to learn a lot of the inner workings of each software. – Jaime Nacach

If you want to use a software go check out Zapier. If Zapier supports
it, it’s probably good.
– Jaime Nacach

Sometimes there is a hidden Zapier Beta. So apps that actually work with Zapier should have something on that application’s support section. If you go to their support section you search for Zapier. There will be at least one help article explaining that there is a Zapier integration or it will elaborate on how it’s used.
– Kelsey Bratcher


In the Agile world, you’re actually covering multiple bases with one application. – Kelsey Bratcher

I definitely love Agile because of its many built-in features. But as you can probably imagine when some company tries to have everything, it’s not good at everything in terms of it doesn’t have a full set of features for every single thing. – Jaime Nacach

The etcetera category, that is a list which can go on forever potentially because there’s all kinds of tricks and bells and whistles to solve all kinds of different problems and that small businesses encounter. – Kelsey Bratcher

We’re basically using both because we think that Agile as a CRM, It’s way better than Active Campaign. Active Campaign, the way I describe it is like MailChimp on steroids. It’s like amazing for email marketing and complex or advanced automation. But their CRM is way too basic. – Jaime Nacach

There is a real estate application called Zip Forms that’s popular for amongst realtor’s for doing stuff. Their Zapier integration is terrible because basically you can add a contact to Zip Forms, but that’s it. There’s no other data that you can bring in. – Kelsey Bratcher

The best way to see if software works for you is to actually sign up, get a 30 day free trial or just use a free version and test it out. That’s the best way to see if you like it. If it does what you want. So testing is I think also the best way to check out stuff. – Jaime Nacach


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Gravity Forms
Agile CRM
Mail Shake

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