Jeremiah Sarkett

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This week we spend our time talking about people rather than processes. Episode 28 of the Get Automated Podcast Kelsey Bratcher is joined by APAC Regional Partner Manager for Infusionsoft, Jeremiah Sarkett. Jeremiah’s message is to make sure you give everyone you come in contact with value. It works. He has sold more Infusionsoft to more people than any other single person on the planet. Learn what top 5 things Jeremiah recommends you do to take a bite out of your market. Get an inside scoop on how Asia and other parts of the Pacific are using Automation. Download this week’s episode to hear this and much, much more.

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Pro Tips

This is certainly the long game so stop being fixated with the short wins.
– Jeremiah Sarkett

The second thing is stop wanting to convert. Stop. Provide value and educate first. Ask how can you do that more effectively?
– Jeremiah Sarkett


Sustained effort. Well that’s where the automation comes into play because you need to have constant engagement and touch-points with these people. The engagement matters and that’s where the automation is a factor.
– Jeremiah Sarkett

I treat my channel like a second family. – Jeremiah Sarkett

Why I like hanging out and talking to sales people is because they’re more like entrepreneurs than any other, we’ll call it employee, that works at a company.- Kelsey Bratcher

More time back on your clock. What could you do with 10 to 15 hours of
time back on your clock per week?
– Jeremiah Sarkett



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