Brian Young

Duration: 01:17:35

Clear your schedule and set aside some time to listen to this week’s episode of The Get Automated Podcast hosted the smartest man in small business automation Kelsey Bratcher. We drop Episode 29 this week and are joined by Brian Young owner of Home Painters Toronto. Brian is the perfect example of what embracing automation can do for you and your business. Brian went from going door to door cold calling leads for painting contracts to having every step of the sales process automated. By implementing automation he has been able to grow his business from $300K to over $3 Million in annual revenue. Today his entire business is built on that foundation of automation, and it would not function without it. You may want to take notes during this episode because Kelsey and Brain take a walk down memory lane setting up Home Painters Toronto to leverage automation. Download Episode 29 Now.

The best way to find more about Brian go to or Brian’s LinkedIn/.

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Pro Tips

I mean, I don’t know what the hell I’m doing and it’s just getting to that next level. You know, it’s scary. If you can kind of just accept it and realize that we’re all going through this whether you’re 3 million or 300 million.
– Brian Young

You’re going to make mistakes. That’s a given and if you don’t you’re not doing enough, that’s just the way it is. So just send an email, send something and if you do that, that is much better than not doing anything.
– Brian Young


I’m a business owner. I’m not I’m not “”techie”” and I know my business inside out but I’ve no idea how the back end works in terms of how I would automate it, and how I would generate leads, and how I would ROI on my leads. I don’t know anything about that stuff. So what you did was you basically dumbed it down for me. You start asking me simple questions like, you knock on a door then what happens?
– Brian Young

The point is that we didn’t throw everything at it all at once. It was a building block and because the whole thing about automation was I didn’t believe in it. And as soon as I believed it could work. It just opened up a whole can of worms in terms of what I thought was possible. Because that belief system changed inside my head I just started thinking crap if we could do this then maybe we can do that.
– Brian Young

We’re not talking about anything. That’s crazy. We’re talking about real stuff that can be implemented pretty easily.
– Kelsey Bratcher

We just used feedback from the customers and what was closing and what was in which emails that were being opened, which ones are being opted out of. We just used feedback from the market and let the market tell us what to do, which really was the difference maker.
– Brian Young

I’m sure every business owner will know this. Know your friggin customer inside out and listen to them. Listen. Listen. Listen, and don’t be offended. That feedback will be nuggets that is going to catapult you to the next level.
– Brian Young


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