Shoan Snoday

Duration: 01:22:15

This week we bring you Episode 30 of the Get Automated Podcast. Kelsey Bratcher sits down with Shoan Snoday owner of Sobriety Society. They focus on some deep tricks with Infusionsoft and then move on the using UTMs with paid traffic. Then go on a deep dive and learn how to do a quiz/survey funnel the Kelsey Bratcher way. Shoan then teaches Kelsey how to grab some stealth testimonials. The episode then wraps up with automating your personal / offline line life. Kelsey shares some of his life hacks to save time doing things you do every day. Grab this week’s episode and learn all this plus more.

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Pro Tips

I would rather have someone go crazy and get knocked on their butt. Then to never do anything trying to get perfect.
-Kelsey Bratcher

I’m doing YouTube Red. All right, so think about this how much time have you wasted watching YouTube ads?
-Kelsey Bratcher


Clients, they want to tell you how you’re going to do their marketing. I worked at this guy. He did a summit. I’m like “Dude you made 20 grand, had you listened to me, you would have made a 100 grand”.
– Shoan Snoday

If people don’t know what they’re doing then they don’t have any reason to dictate how things should be done.
-Kelsey Bratcher

It’s like what you said “you don’t want all that fluff”. Just give me what I’m after because I’m ready to freaking rock and roll.
– Shoan Snoday

Free…I know but that’s what I’m saying is that I hate it so much that I wouldn’t use it for free.
-Kelsey Bratcher


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