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We are dropping Episode 31 of The Get Automated Podcast this week. Kelsey Bratcher is joined once again by Gregory Jenkins the founder of Monkeypod Marketing. This time around Greg shares a behind the scenes look at making his latest project “The Migration”, which captures what really happens when a business migrates from one software platform to another. Greg’s project opens up the door for a new style of business content. Be a fly on the wall as Kelsey and Greg brainstorm the marketing and the possibilities for content like this. This episode is jam packed with great information; from membership sites, software migration, new product marketing, and merchant accounts. Download this week’s episode now.

The best way to find more about Greg and The Migration go to

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Pro Tips

There’s something to be said for just finding people who you trust and taking their recommendation. If you believe in this tool that’s good enough for me and I’m not gonna sit on my ass anymore.
– Greg Jenkins

There’s always deeper to go and there’s an infinite number of options for tools to look into or things to research. So, at a certain point, you got to draw a line and say, “All right let’s get it out there”.
– Greg Jenkins

Cloudflare. So, if you’re using “Dollar Store” hosting the best way to make your site better is by using Cloudflare for DNS rather than your “Dollar Store” hosting’s DNS.
– Kelsey Bratcher


It was probably affecting the way my content was received. If I’m really proud of my course, but I’m delivering it like a B- or C+ environment. There’s no way it can’t help but affect the way people watch it, right?
– Greg Jenkins

It’s a new tool and any new tool has quirks and nuances that you’ve got to figure out, and you need to figure out the scope of what that tool is responsible for.
– Greg Jenkins

AccessAlly is just the noodles, and if all you have are noodles, you’re going to be like, this is a s****y lasagna.
– Greg Jenkins

When doing a migration into a new platform, know what you’re going to give up. I mean what the pros and the cons are, there’s a trade.
– Kelsey Bratcher

Let’s just say this. There are worse things on Netflix than watching a business owner set up a membership site, you know what I mean?
– Kelsey Bratcher


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