Bret Martineau

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This week on the Get Automated Podcast your host Kelsey Bratcher is joined by Bret Martineau owner of Wunntee Unlimited. Bret is a true OA (Original Automator) from the early days of Infusionsoft, logging around 15 years of experience. Bret bring a unique perspective to entrepreneurship as he is also a fighter. This combo allows Episode 32 to cover some interesting topics. Kelsey and Bret discuss facing fear, training to be ready for when everything goes wrong. Also we dive into how you should not attempt to do everything yourself. Leverage the talents of those around you or pay for those talents, and much more.

The best way to find more about Bret Martineau go to or you can check out Wuntee Unlimited

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Pro Tips

If you have an image in an email, it needs an “”ALT tag”” meaning a way for someone who doesn’t have the ability to see to identify what that image is. If it doesn’t have an “”ALT tag””, it’s negative points. Whenever you include an image. Make sure you fill out the spot that says what is this image.
– Kelsey Bratcher

At the end of any campaign. If you don’t have something else to send them, you have the “”9 word email”” which is ideally sent 30 days after the last activity. The subject line is first name question mark and then it says “Hey Kelsey, are you still looking for or at getting started in automation?” “Are you still looking to sell a house or you still looking to buy a house?” And that’s it. Just a question. And the idea behind it is people reply to it.
– Kelsey Bratcher


I got my foot in the door with automation doing marketing automation. But now I’m looking at the whole business and what can be implemented from marketing, to sales, to operations, to accounting. You start getting deep into that stuff and then it’s data and programming and there’s many disciplines and you can go super deep into a lot.
– Kelsey Bratcher

Jordan Hatch would play Counter-Strike in the middle of the workday. He took this support call in the middle of a Counter-Strike match and answered the support call with no issues and then he still won that round or whatever in Counter-Strike. It was insane.
– Bret Martineau

They use this example of what they call”t-shaped” people and a “t-shaped” person is someone with a broad spectrum of skillsets where there’s very, very deep understanding of one or more of those disciplines.
– Kelsey Bratcher

The way I look at it if you’re fighting, compare it to like say entrepreneurship, it’s about how you mitigate risk.
– Kelsey Bratcher

A lot of the decisions that I’ve made about things that I’m trying to do I meet with that same fear and I know now that I’m trying to train myself enough to know that what you do when that happens is you move forward and in fact that goes back to we were talking about before with fighting.
– Bret Martineau


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