Laura Sills

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Episode 33 of the Get Automated Podcast is packed with amazing tips and tricks for any small business preparing to use or currently using a CRM. This week we focus around Infusionsoft but many of the topics can be applied across several different software platforms. The smartest man in automation Kelsey Bratcher is joined by Laura Sills the Director Of Operations for Ziva Meditation. Kelsey and Laura discuss: data migration (changing software platforms), data clean up, spreadsheet functions you need to know, and webhooks. Want to learn how to get enterprise level reporting for basically free? Plus get some great Zapier tips and even learn what to look out for when setting up an online course. Well, you need to download this week’s episode and get all this and more.

The best way to find more about Laura Sills go to or you can check out Ziva Meditation

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Pro Tips

Leveling up my Google my Google Sheets and Excel game was a huge. Because, there is so much data you have to process when you’re doing CRM implementation. You’re importing a lot of data all the time. You can waste a lot of time in Google Sheets or Excel if you don’t know data formatting and data cleaning tricks.
– Kelsey Bratcher

Find a tag philosophy and learn it and stick with it so that you know how to keep track of all that stuff.
– Laura Sills

The reporting piece of constructing campaigns, reporting wasn’t a piece that I thought about in the beginning when I was building campaigns. It was just all about function and then we started to think about the reports towards the end… Reporting is a muscle and I think that’s one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned is to not try to just get all of the information but figure out what information I really need.
I build a campaign so that I’m building based on those goals. What do I want to know? How do I qualify this as success? What do I really want to know at the end of this campaign?
– Laura Sills

I’ve been investing the time making the smaller processes that need to be repeatable and scalable automated…Now, I can focus on the big things like building the campaigns and building new courses.
– Laura Sills


I still get to use that creative side just figuring out the 900 ways to do every single thing in Infusionsoft. It’s just which one do you like the best or which one’s the cleanest for your business or the process that it lives in and so that makes it fun for me that there’s not necessarily one right answer.
– Laura Sills

We’ve just kind of been improving and improving and customizing more and more and adding cool stuff as I as I learn it. Basically as I see it come up in the Monkey Pod Group. I’m like, “oh I want to do that” and then I’ll go do it.
– Laura Sills

What I felt really unprepared for was like the deliverability of who to even bring over. You know, how to clean up my existing list. We should have run re-engagement campaign before we switched.
– Laura Sills

The amount of contact that we have with our audience now and the amount of things that I’ve been able to automate is truly mind-blowing. I can understand why so many people get into the Infusionsoft world and stay.
– Laura Sills

It’s just so much easier when you ask people for help because there’s so many people that are willing to give it. That’s one of my favorite things about the Infusionsoft Community, is how willing everybody is to help.
– Laura Sills


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