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Kelsey Bratcher, the baddest hombre in automation and host of the Get Automated Podcast drops Episode 34 this week. This episode Kelsey has the pleasure of sitting down with Troy Broussard of Membrandt. This episode we take a look at the future of content delivery and consumption. Over the past few years there has been a major shift in how people consume content. As a small business owner this is something that you need to factor in to your business strategy and processes. The shift is going away from static desktop consumption to dynamic mobile consumption. What can you do to stay ahead of this change? Download this week’s episode and find out, plus much more.

The best way to find more about Troy Broussard go to or you can check out Membrandt

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Pro Tips

I focus on the backend. I focus on the customer not the lead.
– Troy Broussard

Focus on removing friction and focus on simplicity, Today the simpler solution wins every time.
– Troy Broussard

The first rule of marketing is go where your ideal clients are, and your clients are on the phone.
– Troy Broussard


I realized that the reality is there’s no real economy out there. It’s only the economy you create.
– Troy Broussard

92% of all traffic on the phone, 92% of the time that they’re on that phone. They are in an app.
– Troy Broussard

The reality is the U.S. consumer is spending five plus hours a day on their phone.
– Troy Broussard

And again, we’re not inventing this we’re following, you know, multi billion dollar companies that have put hundreds of millions in to research, testing, and following what works.
– Troy Broussard

Here’s the thing that most people really miss and this is a huge, huge issue for desktop versus mobile consumption. Not only do people spend longer on the cell phone, but they get through your courses with a 55% higher completion rate, and they complete your courses 52% faster on the mobile platform. Well, why is that?
– Troy Broussard


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