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This week we have Episode 35 of The Get Automated Podcast. Every small business owner knows that sales are the backbone of a small business. How can you build an unconventional sales team that generates sales? Listen to Kelsey Bratcher and Brendan McAdams the Managing Director of Kiinetics chat about contracting your sales staff vs employing them. How to best use CRM’s for sales, and the value of old school selling techniques. Download this episode to find out why you should become the master of your phone processes and what to automate, and how using a webcam can boost engagement. Plus a whole lot more, but you have to download it to find out.

The best way to find more about Brendan McAdams go to or you can check out Kiinetics

For early access and a promo deal on Brendan’s book, Hired Gun: The Definitive Guide to Becoming a Freelance Sales Professional, send him a LinkedIn invite to or an email to and mention #GetAutomated. He’s also looking for a few sales-specific anecdotes to include, so feel to reach out to him if you’ve got a particularly good freelance sales story to share.

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Pro Tips

If I were to be running webinars on a regular basis where the dollar amount that is at stake is relatively significant. It would be worthwhile to have some type of supplementary confirmation process.
– Kelsey Bratcher

Part of the reason that you’re able to do that is you understand the problem very well and you’re able to document the problem and know what the solution is. Then that lends itself to automation.
– Brendan McAdams


What I’ll do is, I’ll draft a really short email three or four or five sentences. Maybe it has a link and it might have a screenshot or something simple. I then can sit there and pick, 10 or 20 or 50 people that have that interest and and then send them a bulk email.
– Brendan McAdams

One of my sales philosophies is at some point in the sales process you have to try to kill the deal. That is to say that you have to give the opportunity, an easy opportunity for the customers say no and back out. Otherwise you get customers that are always telling you yes, but they have no intention of buying.
– Brendan McAdams

If you could crank out a quick 2 – 5 minute explanation that is in a video. That could save you 20 minutes.
– Brendan McAdams

My goal isn’t to tell them. “”Oh, you need to learn all this.”” It’s more or less to promote awareness. You’re aware that this thing exists and that you’re not doing anything remotely like it now, but you understand what the value is. Hopefully, I can communicate that well enough with this podcast.
– Kelsey Bratcher

The thing that we’ve learned is that phone calls, as much as we want to avoid it, phone is where it’s at.
– Kelsey Bratcher


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