Lee Goff

Duration: 1 hr 16 mins 55 secs

Duration: 01:16:55

We are now 36 episodes deep and we bring you another home run this week thanks to Lee Goff founder of MarketingAgencyCoach.com. The Get Automated Podcast is always trying to improve and we have changed things up this week. Rather than focusing on specific software and specific processes, Kelsey and Lee take a look a the current landscape for a growing business. What challenges does a growing business face, what problems will you encounter as you try and scale up, and why you need to standardize. How can you take a custom agency (really, the topics discussed can be applied to all small business types) and productize everything so you can scale up to 1 million dollars in revenue and beyond. Also, find out why you need to have confidence in your product and why you need to invest in yourself. Plus much more. Download this week’s great episode now to find out.

The best way to find more about Lee Goff go to https://www.linkedin.com/in/leegoff/ or you can check out marketingagencycoach.com https://marketingagencycoach.com/

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Pro Tips

One of the beautiful things about automation is that it forces you to think through these systems. You have to think about every little bitty, nitty gritty, little detail, and the measurement of those little details when you implement automation. So by default getting systems in places so much easier to bring someone in and say “I need you to manage these 10 systems”
– Lee Goff

Invest in yourself and take those calculated risks, and this is going to sound like an unbelievably shameless plug but, “Get A Damn Coach”
– Lee Goff

And the realities are is that if someone’s not serving that market correctly. You can steal that business. Oh, yeah
– Kelsey Bratcher


But hey, if you’re running a successful business, and you don’t think about marketing. You’re probably not running a successful business. That’s how that works. It’s the Cornerstone of all successful businesses.
– Lee Goff

I really do want to give back. Give back to the community and help people spend more time with their family, but still achieve their business goals, and there is a better way to do it now. It’s awesome.
– Lee Goff

We’ve toned it down to being a very specific offering and that’s enabled us to sell it a lot easier, to describe it a lot easier, to communicate its benefits. You know who it’s for who it’s not for.
– Kelsey Bratcher

Trust me, dude. There’s a Swagger you get. You’re like “I’m about to rock the house”. Because you know, you know that it works.
– Lee Goff

Good, God man. Can you imagine if you took 60 to 70% of your accounting time off your plate right now? I mean come on, you know, that’s a lot of time.
– Lee Goff


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