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This week on the Get Automated Podcast with your host Kelsey Bratcher we take a deep look into Airtable as a simple but powerful free database, how to get cheap SMS integrated into your tech stack, and how to make automated webinars the simple way with Demio. Our guest for Episode 37 is Nathaniel Broughton, who is a successful web entrepreneur and host of the Opt Out Life Podcast. Nate shares his marketing and SEO experience that dates all the way back to the early 2000’s. This includes how to get your message out in the crowded space we call the modern internet, why you should know what LSI is, and how to produce copy for your site to raise your ranking with Google. Grab Episode 37 and learn all this plus much more.

The best way to find more about Nathaniel Broughton go to or you can check out Opt Out Life

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Pro Tips

So you don’t have to go buy a software for SMS. You can just get a Twilio account hook it up to Zapier. Now, you can send text messages at Twilio’s cost. I mean, if you’re not doing that, it’s probably the first thing you should do with Zapier is figure out how do I add SMS to my funnels, or to my autoresponders, or to my lead flow.
– Kelsey Bratcher

Using Demio to get a live, evergreen webinar is insanely easy. It’s like the Teachable experience but for automated webinars.
– Kelsey Bratcher


If you want to level up and not be the smartest person in the room, you always kind of try to surround yourself with people that you can learn from and be inspired by
– Nathaniel Broughton

Google is delivering search results in a different way and really there is only Google for SEO.
– Kelsey Bratcher

Copywriting, is the hard skill technical skill we’re talking about to refine that message. Absolutely I wish I was better at that.
– Nathaniel Broughton

We were looking to see if there’s something out there that’s good enough or we’re going to have to build our own. So oftentimes were like, all right, we’ll just build our own. But, he was really a fan of Teachable after just looking at it for like an hour, and he was kinda like “I think this thing can just do it for you”
– Nathaniel Broughton

For marketing we were using Zapier and webhooks to kind of spit Facebook leads out into to their CRM. So they could then, post those to other places and sell to those leads because there’s not an easy way to do that inside Facebook.
– Nathaniel Broughton


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