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Get ready for Episode 39 of The Get Automated Podcast. This week Kelsey Bratcher sits down with Eriol Gjergji founder of Flexie CRM. They discuss need for a software platform that will change and grow as your business does. Most CRM Products, Sales Pipeline Applications, and Marketing Automation Tools have major limitations today. However, Flexie CRM is different and very well could be the future model for software. Listen as Kelsey and Eriol aslo talk about planning, growth, change, results, solving problems at scale and scooters. Download Episode 39 Now!

The best way to find more about Eriol Gjergji go to or you can check out Flexie CRM

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Pro Tips

The the best ways to grow is gradually and by your own network. Not by throwing money to the Facebook ads or to Google ads. They are gonna just eat the money and you’re not going to see any result.
– Eriol Gjergji

Yeah, but you cannot run a business with something that only does what it does. You know, you have to run your business on your business’s requirements.
– Eriol Gjergji


In Flexi CRM you can play with information. Meaning you can get the specific information from any source like from the APIs or from external services and you can transform that information and even push it in other software. So this feature it’s not like you can find it on just any platform.
– Eriol Gjergji

They failed to innovate to keep up with the market. So competitors come out and they create better tools for that function. And now they’re spread thin in so many different areas.
– Kelsey Bratcher

How I see a CRM is not just a sales tool or just an automation tool. It should be for the full cycle of the business.
– Eriol Gjergji

Yeah, but you have to be a coder to mess with that.
– Eriol Gjergji

As a concept I think it’s pretty nice because you are you are selling results not just software or or stuff like that.
– Eriol Gjergji


Flexie CRM

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