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In episode 42 Kelsey sits down with Paul Mendoza Founder of SigParser. SigParser gives you the ability to capture the email signature of everyone that sends you an email. Kelsey and Paul spend time talking about the different parsing tools and their applications. In this episode learn how to speed up your landing pages using static HTML with Hugo, and how to speed up your blog posts using Markdown. Also learn about another tool that is maybe just a powerful as Zapier, and in some applications maybe more powerful. This and much more in Episode 42 of the Get Automated Podcast.

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The best way to find more about Paul Mendoza go to or you can check out SigParser

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Pro Tips

Integromat has a little operator called “array iterator” and you just drag it on and you can visually see what’s going to happen. You’re not clicking through 50 screens.
– Paul Mendoza

When I buy software or when I’m evaluating software, I look at Zapier to see if they have an integration or Integromat intergration.
– Kelsey Bratcher


You have sales reps that are contacting maybe 50 people a week, but they’re only entering three contacts in the CRM a week. Well, you got to grab the other 47 contacts that they’re are not entering.
– Paul Mendoza

You would never bust out code to go and solve this problem. It would not be cost effective to spend 10 hours coding something to solve something that happens five times a month and only takes you 20 minutes to fix when it did when you’re doing it manually.
– Kelsey Bratcher

There is nothing faster at rendering or sending the first bite to your browser then a static site and what that means is that all of the pages on your site are pre-rendered HTML files. So when someone goes to request a file from your server, they are getting just the raw file from the server…so it returns really fast.
– Paul Mendoza

I’ve got this I think it’s like a 15 goal workflow that I’ve set up so that at each point during the signup process I’m sending them the right message. So when they sign up, if they generate an API key, then I can put them in the campaign that says “hey you generated API key. Here’s how you use the API.”
– Paul Mendoza

Then you can just give that to your next sales guy and say “hey, this guy walked out the door and on Friday. You are starting on Monday. Here’s the set of everything that last guy was working on. Here’s all of his contacts and relationships. You can see who the primary contacts are at all these different accounts.” You just have this wealth of data now for that new person.
– Paul Mendoza


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Amazon AWS
Mail Parser.IO
Full Contact
Gravity Forms
Google Cloud Functions
Microsoft Office 365
Google Charts
Google Mobile Site Tester
Amazon Lambda
Lead Forensics

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