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This week we spend most of our time talking about people rather than processes. Episode 45 of the Get Automated Podcast Kelsey Bratcher is joined by Dobbin Buck Co-Owner of Get u Wired. Dobbin shares with Kelsey Get U Wired’s amazing multi-part hiring process. Find out why hiring to your core values is important for you and your employees. Learn why honoring the people that work for you will pay you back exponentially in the future. Combine that with investing in and keeping your staff happy and you will have a more profitable and productive business. Dive in to all this and more when you grab this weeks episode of the Get Automated Podcast


The best way to find more about Dobbin Buck go to https://www.linkedin.com/in/dobbin-buck-3454a012 or you can check out GetUWired https://www.getuwired.com/

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Pro Tips

More or less you’re using funnels to bring people in and and can treat it very much like marketing. If people aren’t doing that, that’s how they need to think about it.
– Kelsey Bratcher

Every second that they’re here, they can never have yet that back. Their spending more time in alignment with our vision and our companies, then they are with their families…So the spin on all of this is really honoring everybody as a human being.
– Dobbin Buck


The investment of someone’s time wanting to come in and become a part of our culture really requires a lot of dedication desire and stick-to-itiveness to make it through the 45-day process.
– Dobbin Buck

Even if someone isn’t a great fit for the team or for the company, you know, there’s another side of it that there are human beings there. They have families. They have all this sort of thing. So it’s like the last thing that we want to do is put someone in a spot that’s going to be difficult.
– Dobbin Buck

Trust the reason why we’re successful in business is for one reason or another that our clients and our prospects trust us. They trust that their investment in us is going to be well spent.
– Dobbin Buck

Getting hired here is just the beginning.That’s regardless of how great you are coming in here. There’s a training and mentorship, a shadowing process that people go through. We invest a lot of money in every new hire here at our company to ensure their success.
– Dobbin Buck

But a ton of stuff has been, you know taken from smart people. I mean Kelsey, even you yourself have had a huge impact, and you probably don’t even know it, on aspects of what’s going on here at The Cabin.
– Dobbin Buck


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