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This week on the The Get Automated Podcast we take a look at duckets, cheese, dinero. That’s right this week we look at automating your money. In episode 46 Kelsey sits down with Taylor Schulte Founder and Owner of Define Financial. Learn why your should network in ways that you will enjoy. Learn how to stop putting free “crap” out there for people to consume. Why quality content will help you will the SEO long game. Define your website goals so you won’t scare off prospects. All this plus get some great financial tips and much more. Grab this weeks episode now.


The best way to find more about Taylor Schulte go to https://www.linkedin.com/in/taylorschulte or you can check out Define Financial https://www.definefinancial.com/

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Pro Tips

If you’re not automating any part of your financial planning or investments, that’s the first thing that you should do after listening to this…Like I would just say start with ten bucks, start with five bucks. I don’t care what it is. Just set up that automation.
– Taylor Schulte

This is really really powerful because if somebody is on your website. They found us we didn’t go searching for them. They found us, they want help and it might be Sunday at 6:30 in the morning and you want to make it really easy if them to pick a date and time to schedule.
– Taylor Schulte


If you’re not even aware that you need to do something, creating a process and paying somebody else to do something that you’re not fully aware of. More importantly if you try to apply automation tools to it. You’re just going to spin your wheels and you’re not going to get anywhere.
– Kelsey Bratcher

I try to Outsource as much as possible. My kind of go to philosophy is: “What am I really good at? What do I enjoy doing? And where do those two things intersect?”. That’s where I want to spend my entire day, and I want to clarify like it doesn’t mean me always doing something that makes me money. It could be, hiring a gardener because I’d rather watch a movie with my son than mow the lawn on a Saturday.
– Taylor Schulte

Imagine what it’s like to inject new technology into that company. It’s like, turning this giant ship it and by the time you actually get it integrated, it’s already outdated.
– Taylor Schulte

Speaking with the guy who cuts my hair, there’s a big difference between being a practitioner and being a business owner. Right and like he loves cutting hair. He’s really good at cutting hair and he started his own his own business and he’s realizing “I can’t be a really good Barber and a really good business owner all at the same time”. You kind of have to choose one or the other.
– Taylor Schulte

Why don’t you just put out information and content that people want to read and that’s really good. It just kind of makes sense why Google would reward you for doing that?
– Taylor Schulte

When I applied to be on your podcast you had a great series of emails. I never had to question anything. I knew exactly what was coming up next I knew exactly how to prepare and exactly where to go. You made it really easy on me and I think that’s what we need to do as service providers.
– Taylor Schulte


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