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Another great new episode of the Get Automated Podcast. Kelsey Bratcher is joined by Meny Hoffman Chief Executive Officer of Ptex. We dive back in to the topic of hiring and general small business growth. This week we release our first Get Automated Challenge. We want to hear how you took on the challenge laid out at the end of this weeks episode and implemented it in your business. Go to https://getautomated.co/contact/ and drop us a quick description of what you did and how it is a benefit to your business or how it was a learning experience. We will select some and go over them on a future episode of the podcast. So grab episode 47 of the Get Automated Podcast and see if you can complete our challenge. Oh, yea and learn a bunch of stuff about business growth.

The best way to find more about Meny Hoffman go to https://www.linkedin.com/in/menyhoffman/ or you can check out ptex https://ptexgroup.com/

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Pro Tips

What I mean by that is that all you’re doing is doubling your capabilities because you’re one person now you have two people. What’s going to happen is you’re not going to take account that half of your productivity will not go to manage the second employee. So you really did not double your productivity.
– Meny Hoffman

One of the benefits of hiring your first VA. I’m not sure exactly what you’re going to get out of out of that person as you know as productivity, but as you’re training them you’re going to have them document everything. So now your business, will basically have processes for everything you do.
– Meny Hoffman


So when marketing automation came in it basically gave you more, the multiply on your investment such as resources, such as marketing dollars, and so on. So you’re able to say the right message to the right person yet, not lose that personalization to that to that transaction so to speak.
– Meny Hoffman

That was back during the times where I think if I remember correctly Infusionsoft was charging like five grand to onboard you.
– Meny Hoffman

But now you almost can’t survive without some sort of system that basically brings together your sales marketing and operations.
– Meny Hoffman

In general business owners have this tendency of going to a conference or hearing about something about the new, new, system. They say “let me jump in it and do it” and that’s where I think we need to back up and say strategy first execution second.
– Meny Hoffman

I suggest doing this once a quarter and it’s without anything happening, it’s just because. Employees deserve that because if they giving the the time and the energy and the effort to be part of your organization, they deserve from leadership other than just a paycheck and a compliment. It’s to have that dialogue with leadership, to know where they want to go, know what’s working for them, and where you could even be giving them specific feedback.
– Meny Hoffman

It’s your duty as a leader to give them the resources they need in order to be able to be successful what they do.
– Meny Hoffman


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