Ryan Williams

Duration: 1 hr 4 mins 53 secs

According to this week’s guest Ryan Williams CEO of ProcessPlan “Everything in a business is a process”. For Episode 54 Kelsey and Ryan discuss why this is so true. Learn the importance of getting the process from your head to a state of repeatable implementation. Find out if you are managing your business by brute force or managing by exception. Grab your copy of this week’s episode.

The best way to find more about Ryan Williams go to https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryanwill/ or you can check out ProcessPlan https://processplan.com/

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Pro Tips

The prep work that would go into doing that whether you use our services to get off the ground or you tend to do it solo… would be just basically starting out with an ordered bullet list and getting all the thoughts down in some logical order. That’s usually the starting point before you would just put it into the decision tree in ProcessPlan.
– Ryan Williams

Especially if you’re a one man show keeping track of that stuff prevents you from growing because you have to let go of some of that stuff at some point, and/or manage it better, or automate it
– Kelsey Bratcher

My view is that everything in a business is a process. When you actually break it down projects are processes, sales management is all about processes. It doesn’t matter where you look I could make an argument that no matter what you point at in a business it’s a process and it should be repeatable.
– Ryan Williams


So my controversial statement that in my view process documentation for its own sake is usually a complete waste of time.
– Ryan Williams

You’re creating a autonomous components of the business that may be able to self-regulate and self operate.
– Kelsey Bratcher

I’ve seen you know, Fortune 500 companies spend 50 to 60 thousand dollars on a consultant to map out processes and then inevitably they get stored in a PDF on a network drive and nobody ever looks at him again.
– Ryan Williams

You just iterate like that over and over and over again with every process in the business until you get to the point where it becomes almost impossible for anything to go off the rails.
– Ryan Williams

I was disappointed by how much of the process that you’re trying to automate because it’s like a marketing automation tool first, so you’re limited more or less to the marking activity stuff. But over time people have learned “Oh I could do this other shit with it.”
– Kelsey Bratcher

You are able to track this stuff like you were saying. To be able to modify it and be dynamic as the business grows and changes and evolves.
– Kelsey Bratcher

Where ProcessPlan excels is that most real-world processes are messy or they get messy very quickly.
– Ryan Williams

Basically the owner sits back and just kind of waits for these exception notifications to come in and notify him that there’s something he needs to look at.
– Ryan Williams



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