The Get Automated Podcast Episode 62 is here. Download and listen to this week’s episode as your host Kelsey Bratcher and his guest Nathan Hirsch Founder & CEO of FreeeUp. You are not the only one that can do what you do and you need to take advantage of that fact. Alright, maybe you are a special snowflake, but there are people out there that can help with at least part of what yo do. If you cannot get everything automated using software or you need that human touch, outsource.

The best way to find more about Nathan Hirsch go to or you can check out FreeeUp

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Pro Tips

You can hire people remote and you’re not limited to the people that are just in your neighborhood and your town anymore.
– Nathan Hirsch

Even with skill you don’t need someone to be a 10 out of 10. You can hire people that are 5 out of 10 is 3 out of 10…As long as they’re honest about what they can and cannot do.
– Nathan Hirsch


I really scaled my first business using virtual assistants and freelancers.
– Nathan Hirsch

Took all these remote people and I thought hey if I bring them in-house and I bring them together, we’ll have a better culture and be more productive. I actually found that it led to more drama and led to me feeling like I created a 9 to 5 job for myself.
– Nathan Hirsch

Right now it’s about seven percent of the industry is remote. People that are working for companies that are remote over the next ten years. That number is going to turn to 50%.
– Nathan Hirsch

There’s so much a competitive advantage of people working remote. You should at least explore that opportunity for your business.
– Nathan Hirsch

As you change things you need to make sure you’re updating your processes or you’ll quickly find that six months later, all your processes are out of date.
– Nathan Hirsch



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