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Clear your schedule and set aside some time to listen to this week’s episode of The Get Automated Podcast hosted the smartest man in small business automation Kelsey Bratcher. We drop Episode 63 this week and are joined by smartest man in spreadsheet education Ben Collins Founder of The Collins School of Data. Ben and Kelsey show the path to rapid leveling up with data science using Google Sheets and Google Apps Scripts. Learn what you really need to focus on to get your messy data clean up or what need to do to start tracking the metrics you should be watching. Pivot Tables, Vlookups, Concatenation, Array Formulas are just some of the important functions that get covered this week. So grab this awesome episode today.

The best way to find more about Ben Collins go to or you can check out The Collins School of Data

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Pro Tips

Other tools you’re using like Infusionsoft, or MailChimp, or your web stuff, your Google analytics. You can start to bring all of your data back into Google Sheets where you can then do stuff with it.
– Ben Collins

For 99.9% of users, I think you’ll be able to do whatever you want to do in Excel or Google Sheets.
– Ben Collins


I’ll just add a unique ID at the left and just have that for references, sometimes it’s worth doing if you especially if you don’t have data with unique ID already.
– Ben Collins

You know it is super tedious for a human today, but super super quick for a computer to do.
– Ben Collins

There are still some some differences clearly and Excel is definitely better if your data is on the larger side and it has more better controls on with charting and some of the more technical statistical analysis type stuff.
– Ben Collins

If you’re trying to pay attention to something in real time, or as close to real time as possible exporting is not the way to do it.
– Kelsey Bratcher

So you can start to run Google Sheets for the other pivot tables on millions and millions or even billions of rows of data just still from inside your Google sheet.
– Ben Collins

But as you said that one of the great things and one of the things I love most about Google Sheets is because it’s this online cloud-based product and it integrates really really well with all of the other the GSuite stuff.

– Ben CollinsWhat I enjoy about it is being able to take Google data studio and connect it to a Google sheet as a data source.
– Kelsey Bratcher


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