Steve Weber

In episode 64 Kelsey Bratcher sits down with Steve Weber who is a Speaker and Forest Gump Lookalike, he also is the Founder of American Gumpson and Speaking Gump. This week they cover what happens when you have a break up with your current tech stack. Mainly your CRM. What do you do? Download the latest episode of the Get Automated Podcast Today.

The best way to find more about Steve Weber go to or you can check out American Gumpson and Speaking Gump

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Pro Tips

In the past I’ve used Airtable to enhance what my CRM can’t do.
– Kelsey Bratcher

If you’re still using Go Daddy’s Email shit, you should look into G Suite or at the minimum Office 365 if that’s the way you want to go, but Gmail is a superior.
– Kelsey Bratcher


They’re resonating with what that Marketplace is wanting and Infusionsoft is falling short.
– Kelsey Bratcher

They want a user experience. They don’t want hardcore API using bullshit, type of thing. Most want to be able to get in there and do what you do and have it be as easy as possible.
– Kelsey Bratcher

I wanted to spread the idea that some of the stuff is more accessible than what it sounds like. Especially when you get into Zapier. It’s extremely powerful and gives you the ability to do what is otherwise not possible, especially in a situation where you want to add some functionality from one tool to another and blend them together to make them work in a way that maybe they didn’t think about.
– Kelsey Bratcher

For your speaking engagement. It creates a new deal in your pipeline that you used for the post post speaking engagement follow up pipeline or whatever. You can have multiple pipelines.
– Kelsey Bratcher

Pipedrive is a big subject if you want to get into sales and pipeline management and sales methodologies. It can be deep but you can get up and running and learn how to use that tool by itself in an hour or two. Then you can say “You know what this thing needs” and start bolting on other tools.
– Kelsey Bratcher

A question I get lately is, “should I wait for Infusionsoft to do some of this stuff or should I leave?” Well, the situation, its delicate because…
– Kelsey Bratcher

There is no one-size-fits-all. So there’s no one single tool. So you need one tool to do this, one tool to do that and there’s a whole lot of people who do specific individual tool pieces better than a company that tries to do all of those things.
– Steve Weber


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