This week we bring you Episode 65 of the Get Automated Podcast. Kelsey Bratcher sits down with Gareth Pronovost Founder of Gap Consulting. Kelsey and Gareth explore Airtable, APIs, Automation, Automobiles, and the Apocalypse. Hold on to your relational databases because this one is wild. Check out the latest great episode today!

The best way to find more about Gareth Pronovost go to or you can check out Gap Consulting

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Pro Tips

You want to learn how to interact with APIs? The easiest way to start is in Airtable because their API documentation is so good because it’s dynamically generated.
– Kelsey Bratcher

I think of Airtable as the heart of the business and Zapier as the circulatory system if you will. So, you need something to move the data around but then you also need that place where the data lives and, everything comes in and out of that spot.
– Gareth Pronovost


There’s so many business owners who think of automation is being this thing that Amazon does with robots, or this thing that Toyota does on the assembly line, but I think of automation, is the thing that just erases that mundane meaningless stuff that we do.
– Gareth Pronovost

I didn’t really have the confidence in the stuff that I knew how to do. I thought maybe it was helpful and useful but didn’t realize that it enabled people to be able to grow their businesses like that.
– Kelsey Bratcher

Zapier has saved us 14 million minutes over the past three years. We run about we run about 450,000 tasks a month. I’ve done the math on that. That’s roughly about 26 years worth of time and at $10 an hour. It’s about 2.5 million dollars.
– Kelsey Bratcher

Per employee were probably able to save them about 10 hours each. So like 50 hours per week if they have 5 employees.
– Gareth Pronovost

You know so much of what I need a VA to do is copy and paste. I should just build another automation instead. There are very few tasks actually require a human to do them.
– Gareth Pronovost


Zapier Productivity Calculator
Panda Doc
Google Sheets
Web Merge
Google Cloud Functions
Amazon Lambda
Google Docs
Process ST

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